The Children Parliament of Rajasthan Newly Added


During the day, 13 year old Neraj Jath takes care of the family's goats in the dry landscape close to the Thar Desert in India, on the border of Pakistan. In the evening, she visits the school in her little village. In her spare time, she is the minister for agriculture at the Children Parliament of Rajasthan.

The aim of the parliament is, to teach children about democracy and the rule of law. About 3000 children from 150 schools attend the annual session of parliament each year. In her function,  Neraj is amongst other things responsible for the school facilities and the water supply in the villages.T

he main problem of the area is the long lasting drought. Neraj's idea is to use the traditional Puppet Theatre to call attention to this problem. But in the old traditions of the village, the word of a woman means almost nothing. Will the 13 year old girl be able to convince the council of elders?