The idea behind Asiemut was to produce a film, which would not only allow the viewers to think about the basis of our society, but more precisely of our own role in it. By traveling with Mélanie Carrière and Olivier Higgins, on their bikes across Mongolia, China, Tibet and India, the spectator lives their adventure: the adventure of simplicity, the one of two western nomads, sharing their thoughts and values...

A quest for balance, respect, love, friendship, anger, joy of life… The adventure is a medium to talk about various issues, such as culture, traditions, western society, and pursuit of happiness…

Asiemut is not a moral lesson; it rather aims to bring moral awareness and to remind its viewers of the social empowerment they have as citizens of the world. In fact, the filmmakers want to show that each one of us has the possibility to make our planet, as well as our future, a reflection of our own values.