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Architects of Change is a 30-part series that uncovers today's new types of pioneers. They are farmers, chemists, architects, doctors, tradesmen and bankers who are looking for and using innovative solutions to counteract the threats weighing against our future. Far from being political or economical militants, they are, above all, entrepreneurs. They have decided to undertake new ways of obtaining sustainable and lasting growth for mankind and our planet.

Series 1
01. The Right To Be Healthy  02. Nothing Is Lost  03. To Innovate Is to Imitate  04. Philanthropy and Capitalism: an Unlikely Marriage  05. Made to Last  06. The Need of Biodiversity  07. Economics of Taste  08. The Traditional and the New  09. Growth the Green Way  10. Spreading Hope
Series 2
01. The Wages of Hope  02. Water: Resource and Challenge  03. Energy for Change  04. A Trip for a Change  05. Changing Towns  06. Reinventing That "Community Spirit"  07. Culture as a Resource for Sustainable Development  08. Towards the Sustainable Management of Forests  09. Women's Hope  10. Rebuilding with our Hands
Series 3
01. The Visionaries  02. Textiles and Materials  03. Economics with a Human Approach  04. Painting the City Green  05. Architects of Taste  06. Energy for Tomorrow  07. Cutting-Edge Gardeners  08. Restoring Communities Through Art  09. Green Dollars  10. Seize the Invisible

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You may choose 10 or 20 episodes among the 30 titles of Architects of Change 1, 2, 3

Architects of change 1