Textiles and Materials


The textile industry, at the forefront of the industrial revolution for several centuries, is one of the planet’s most polluting modern-day industries. Of principle concern is the cultivation of cotton which is a heavy consumer of pesticides. It is high time for a new industrial revolution.

This is exactly what Yanne Larosa (Montrea, Quebec), Dany Filion (Vancouver, BC) and Sarah Bonnemaison (Halifax, NS) are working towards on a daily basis.
Episode 3 (Economy with a human approach) - Karine Marceau (Créer une économie à l’échelle humaine) :
The current economy is completely detached from people’s lifestyles and present-day environmental issues. We are becoming increasingly consumer-driven. It is vital to transform the economy so that communities can benefit from it in a sustainable, united and fair way. With this in mind, swapping goods or services is proving to be an ideal solution.
Maude Léonard (Montreal, Quebec), Gerald Wheatley (Calgary, Alberta) and Tammy Moreau (Fredericton, New Brunswick) have all embraced this practice.