Yoghurt, as Pure as Snow?


Plain or with fruit, Greek, light or full fat, yoghurt is on the up… and yet there was a time when yoghurt was only available plain and white.  However, that was then… before the marketing of yoghurt as a healthy food choice created a 8.5 billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone and filled our supermarket shelves with hundreds of varieties and thousands of products worldwide. But in the last few years a new form has found favour with the North American palate. The new buzz word is GREEK and the market is exploding! Starting from nowhere, Greek yoghurt now accounts for 40% of sales in the USA.

The reason for its success… its ingredients. It is rich in protein and texture and most importantly, low in fat, a determining factor in a country battling with high cholesterol. Greek yoghurt is the new snack food for health conscious consumers.

So what are the hidden ingredients that go into yoghurt? Fermented milk, certainly, but also a lot more: artificial flavours, colourants, milk powder, starch… and what about probiotics found in yoghurt, is it really good for your health? What should you know when you read the labels on those little yoghurt containers and what are the differences between brands? Find out the A to Z of yoghurt in Yoghurt, As Pure As Snow?

Yoghurt, as Pure as Snow?

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