The Fiancée of Life


The Fiancée of Life, directed by Carole Langanière and produced by Alain Corneau, is a touching portayal of several children from ages six to twelve who have experienced the loss of a loved one, a father, a mother or brother who have died because of cancer, a car accident or by suicide.

A Malaysian proverb says that Death is the fiancée of life, that both are united to each other by a sort of promise. For these youngsters that delicate thread of life was severed far too early.

With their innocent smiles, their hearts touched forever by their loss, the children express simply what they feel. Candid testimonials, punctuated by laughter, these children whose pain though visible, allow us to see their tremendous inner strength.

Life and Death are inseparable and we live in a society where we estrange the living from the dead but in The Fiancée of Life, we see these children bravely break the silence and find the path towards healing.