The Way Out Newly Added


Simon is a troubled kid with significant relational and behavioural problems. But to me, he is, and has been for over ten years, my "little brother,” thanks to a volunteer mentoring program. For some years, he has been living in what he calls “his prison for kids,” a youth center in east Montreal. As he was about to legally become an adult, I wondered what would happen to him once there was nobody to protect him against himself. That is what gave me the idea to film Simon during the first months of his integration into society, along with Philippe-Olivier and Scoobey, two friends of his who followed a similar path and are also struggling to get away from their demons and make a good life for themselves.

This story of three young men on the way to adulthood, filmed over 5 years, is a profoundly human incursion into their world, a world that flirts at times with delinquency, but it is above all driven by their desire to make it through and trace their own paths.