From the Sky Newly Added


From the Sky, an ongoing series, presents a bird's eye view of various regions of the world. The sublime images taken from a helicopter provide the viewer with an unusual perspective of landscapes that one only dreams of, with surprising architecture, wilderness and impossibly gigantic cities. On occasion, touching down, we meet with the people who live in some of the most amazing places on earth. From the sky these regions render all their secrets.

01. Around Naples Seen from the Sky  02. Andalusia from the Sky  03. Around Stockholm from the Sky  04. The Alpes Maritimes from the Sky  05. Mexico, Southern California Seen from the Sky  06. Iceland from the Sky - Colours of Iceland  07. New Caldedonia from the Sky  08. Quebec from the Sky  08. Senegal from the Sky  10. West Scotland from the Sky  11. Puglia from the Sky  12. Barcelona From The Sky

From the Sky