Tidbits for Toddlers 04


This lively program focuses on the joys of life, like the warmth of a smile and the beauty of flowers. Little ones learn how to welcome a new baby into the family and how to play at the park, see how much fun it is to visit Grandpa or go swimming at the pool. Whether it's a story about cherishing pets or dealing with bruises, toddlers can't wait to enjoy these cheery episodes again and again.

31. Being Polite: Being polite makes life more agreable.
32. Being Active: The body is a marvellous thing.
33. Down The Foot Path: When we understand what's hapening in our bodies, we know ourselves better.
34. Breathing: Breathing is the first thing we do at birth.
35. Friends Of Every Colour: All colours of skin are beautiful.
36. Bumps And Bruises: Bumps and bruises teach us to be more careful.
37. On The Farm: We've all had someone in our family who lived on a farm.
38. Trips: Travel opens up new horizons.
39. The Senses: Every day we learn to use our senses.
40. Christmas:Christmas time is a festive occasion.