Tidbits for Toddlers 03


This lively program focuses on the joys of life, like the warmth of a smile and the beauty of flowers. Little ones learn how to welcome a new baby into the family and how to play at the park, see how much fun it is to visit Grandpa or go swimming at the pool. Whether it's a story about cherishing pets or dealing with bruises, toddlers can't wait to enjoy these cheery episodes again and again.

21. The Nummum: It's so comforting to have a blanket.
22. In The Water: Swimming underwater or floating on your back, kids take to water like fish!
23. Getting Dressed: We learn to get dressed every day for all kinds of weather.
24. Hugs: Small hugs and big hugs go a long way.
25. A New Baby: Let's welcome our new baby home.
26. Friends: You can share everything with a friend; laughter, games, secrets and... friendship!
27. Getting Into Mischief: Everyone makes mistakes.
28. Boys And Girls: It is very important to grow up in the company of adults.
29. How Beautiful: Just a little smile is a wonderful thing.
30. Happy Birthday: A birthday is an important day. We are happy to grow one year older.