Tidbits for Toddlers 02


This lively program focuses on the joys of life, like the warmth of a smile and the beauty of flowers. Little ones learn how to welcome a new baby into the family and how to play at the park, see how much fun it is to visit Grandpa or go swimming at the pool. Whether it's a story about cherishing pets or dealing with bruises, toddlers can't wait to enjoy these cheery episodes again and again.

11. Nursery School: It's important to have friends.
12. Going For A Walk: Rain or shine, we discover the world while taking a walk.
13. Flowers: A flower is fragile and requires loving care.
14. The Treasure Along The Path: Seashells or indian feathers, a treasure trove of dreams.
15. Life Before Birth: Believe it or not, life begins before birth.
16. Visiting The Doctor: The doctor helps children to grow and keep healthy. He is a friend for life!
17. Getting A Cold: When you've got a cold or a runny nose, it's nice to be cuddled.
18. Eating: Eating together helps us grow, but most of all, it's fun.
19. Tempers: A good tantrum from time to time clears the air.
20. Separation: When parents no longer love each other enough to stay together, they separate. But it's better for the kids if they remain friends.