Tesla's Children


Tesla's Children follows five outside-the-box thinkers / mavericks, who are not only changing the existing scientific paradigm, but are overthrowing it in several unique ways.

The inventors are connected by an inspiration to iconic pioneer Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor who immigrated to America to work with Thomas Edison. Although Tesla was known as an eccentric showman, he was also a genius responsible for such inventions as fluorescent lighting, remote control, robots, helicopter airplanes and particlebeam weapons. Tesla also had patents on a hydroelectric power system, wireless communication and the induction motor (which powers the vehicles made today by Tesla Motors, named after Nicola Tesla).

The film features the following inventors:
- Adam Khan, who is using diamonds to change the way we power electronics
- Richard and Monica Chapin, whose Interstellar Light Collector uses the moon’s light  
  to cure disease.
- Ariel Garten, whose Muse headband provides accurate, real-time feedback on what’s
  happening in your brain
- Gimmy Chu, who’s created the world’s most energy-efficient lightbulb
- Paul Mueller, who is driven to provide free energy to the world

These six inventors are committed to their research and making a difference in the world, and the film explores their motivations, their designs and methods using interviews, walk-throughs and stunning animation and graphics.

Tesla's Children