Mexico with Judith


Judith is 10 years old and lives in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Judith visits the Zocalo, the central gathering place where you can buy just about everything, as long as you’re ready to negotiate ! The Zocalo is also the perfect place to catch up on folklore and culture with various artisans showing off their crafts and traditional dancers shaking everything up to the captivating rhythm of Aztec music. Judith also shows us an ancient Aztec temple in the middle of the city called the Templo Mayor. And no visit of Mexico City would be complete without a hop to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe : a wondrous place where pilgrims from all over pay homage to the Virgin Mary, asking for all sorts of miracles. Judith then brings along her best friend Mayté to watch the voladores in full swing as they swirl head first from a giant pole. And to top off the day, a beautiful family stroll floating along the canals of Xochimilco aboard flowery boats where Mariachi bands sing your favourite songs. Ah ! the magic of Mexico !