Kragnatz Conquers Language Arts K-3


Students will love the zany perspective of Kragnatz, the alien invader, who is determined to learn the parts of speech so he can conquer the Earth! His one miscalculation…he is only  two-inches tall!
With the help of his trusty robot companion, Ignatz 3000, he explores the earthlings’ ultimate source of top secret information--homework! His reports to outer space include   fun-filled animated sequences that present Language Arts in an entertaining, informative, and engaging format--complete with review segments for student self-evaluation.

Follow the adventures of Kragnatz and Ignatz 3000 as they prepare to conquer the Earth....and your students’ imaginations!Six series for Grades K-3

1. Nouns
Opening Story, Nouns, Plural Nouns, Common, Proper and Possesive Nouns, Match Verb to Noun, Collective Nouns, Irregular Plural Nouns, Abstract Nouns, Review

2. Verbs
Opening Story, Verbs, Match Verb to Noun, Past, Present and Future, Irregular Past Tense, Review

3. Pronouns
Opening Story, Personal, Possessive and Indefinite, Reflexive, Pronouns and Antecedents, Review

4. Adjectives and adverbs
Opening Story, Adjectives and Adverbs Plus Review, Comparatives and Superlatives Plus Review

5. Preposition, interrogatives and conjunctions
Opening Story, Prepositions Plus Review, Interrogatives Plus Review, Conjunctions Plus Review

6. Capitalization and punctuation 
Opening Story, Capitalization Plus Review, Punctuation Plus Review

Kragnatz Conquers Language Arts K-3