Isabel in Mexico


Isabel is almost 8 years old and lives in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. In a few days, it’s her birthday and traditionally, there has to be a party and a piñata. A piñata is a paper mâché object large enough to contain lots of goodies that gets broken open on your birthday with the help of your friends and a big stick. Isabel chooses to make her own with her mom. It’s going to be star-shaped, with yellow and purple decorative paper. Making your own piñata is a lot of fun but Isabel likes to do other things too, like chat on the Internet, read fairy tales, watch old tv comedies, do macramé and lots of karate : at seven, she’s already a green belt ! And last but not least, there’s always time to visit the Great pyramids of Tenochtitlan right outside of Mexico City. What an adventure, to walk up the steps once taken by great Aztec priests and kings !