Franco in Argentina


Franco lives at La Juana, in Argentina. La Juana is a huge ranch in the middle of the La Pampa: the sheep-rearing region of Argentina. The ranches here are gigantic: they cover thousands of acres and have herds of hundreds of sheep. Horses are the favored working animals in these parts – they’re also very useful for getting around the giant ranch. At just 10 years old, Franco is a pretty green gaucho, and still has a lot to learn. But every morning he heads off with his father to inspect they herd. The drinking troughs need to be cleaned and the windmills repaired so they can pump water for the sheep. La Juana is very isolated – the nearest pueblo (village) is ten miles away. He sometimes goes there with his mother. This is going to be a very special Sunday: Franco’s invited some friends over. His father has even prepared a game for them so they can test their horse-riding skills. But these moments of rest and relaxation are always short-lived and it’s soon time to head off once more. Franco is in charge of vaccinating and weighing the calves. The price of beef is on the rise and it will soon be time to sell them.